Ramada Golf Dome: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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In The Dome


The Ramada Golf Dome is the only facility of its kind in Saskatchewan.  We now have a comprehensive marketing package put together. 


Dome Marketing Opportunities

Back Wall Banner (dimensions: 5' x 15")

- Exclusive to your business advertising, no other competitors allowed.
- The most enticing ads in the building
- Great exposure for everyone who uses the dome

Railing Banner ( dimensions: 3' x 10')

- Strategically placed on the dome railings in locations visible to all users of the facility
- The first thing you see when entering the Dome!  What a first impression....

Stall Ad lower and upper levels (dimensions 5' x 28" x 13")

- Great exposure for an extended time frame
-Golfers use your stall for duration of activity
-Golfers are surrounded by your ads from 20 to 40 minutes at a time

Extra Special Features


VIP Golf passses to use the golf dome ($240.00 value)

*Exclusivity* - We are prepared to provide exclusivity to your industry - first come, first served.  We will not sell to your competitors!!  (*some exceptions apply)

We offer a wide variety of advertising options to reach the target market of the recreational consumer. Strong brand recognition and a cost effective outlet to reach a large demographic is the result.

The Ramada Golf Dome offers many advertising opportunities:

  • Corporate sign on hitting stall dividers
  • Banners placed strategically on the back wall
  • Customization of golf cart
  • Banners hung on inside railings

For more information, please contact Graham Reddekopp at 306-249-4653 or graham.reddekopp@saskramada.com.